Happa Restaurant

Open for take out and delivery!

Thank you very much for supporting Happa Restaurant throughout the year. 2020 was quite a tough year for everyone. We appreciate every one of our warm and supportive customers.

We hope that we will overcome this pandemic and return to a bright daily life.

Please stay safe.
Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!

Thank you!!  We’ll see you all soon!

Happa Restaurant is located in Gardena. We serve variety of Japanese food and lunch plate and more!!

HAPPA RESTAURANTは、一品料理からおつまみ、鉄板ステーキ、炭焼き、丼物、ディナープレートなどの豊富な料理からフルバーもあり、お酒も各種取り揃えている飲み処。雰囲気の良いパティオダイニングでワイワイお友達と、カップルのデートに。是非、一度ご来店ください。



PLATE LUNCH BOX  (Lunch Time | Take out Only) : Last pick up 1:45 PM  (Tue – Sat) Order by 1:30 PM
プレートランチはお昼のみテイクアウト限定です。最終ピックアップ1:45PMまで (火曜日 – 土曜日) Order by 1:30 PM

Happa Chickenv Roll  Our signature Happa Fried Chicken come with roll! #sushirolls  https://www.instagram.com/happarestaurant
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